Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Little Angel * Addisyn Lillie *

For Those Of My Friends On Blogger World N Not On Facebook .. Lol.
Everything Is Going Well So Far With Pregnancy With Little Addisyn Lillie
Just Wanted To Share Her Recent Sonogram Last Week Of Her Showing Her Face For The First Time and Also Her Legs above Her Head Lol. I Have About 15 Weeks Left To Go For 40 Weeks But I Always Had My Kiddos At 37 Weeks Due To Diabetis .. So In About 12-13 Wks I Guess .. I Will Keep You All Posted With Tidbits On Her and Myself . And Will Have My Hubby Email Or Post Something On My Facebook Or Etc.. On Her Arrival In Sept- Oct ,I Am Scheduled As Of Now For Oct 14th C-Section.But Depends On How Big She Gets Before Hand ... Can't Wait To See My Girl . These 3 Months Cannot Come Fast Enough . Lol.

Addisyn Lillie- Already Weighing 1 lb 9 Ozs @ 24 Wks Preggo

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